It’s no secret; Sterile Processing is experiencing the great job resignation. With so many frontline technicians hanging up their bouffant, many managers and leaders are left wondering, how do I retain and engage my remaining employees? This presentation will dive deep into how growing engagement in the workplace is vital to department success. It will identify the actionable steps both leaders and employees can take to increase employee engagement among staff and the department. You are not going to want to miss this engaging session!

Presented by:
Jardin Carlton CSPM, CSPDT, CFER
Manager of Education and Quality Assurance
Strong Memorial Hospital


Jardin Carlton is the Education & Quality Assurance Manager at Strong Memorial Hospital. In his role, Jardin is responsible for training and providing staff with ongoing education opportunities. To be successful in his position, Jardin keeps up to date on current practices utilizing AAMI and AORN Standards, among other standard and regulation bodies. Jardin holds many industry certifications, including Certified Sterile Processing Manager. He is a proud member of the Beyond Clean Advisory Group, and he enjoys connecting with industry leaders and pushing the Sterile Processing industry forward!


  • How to set up an environment for growth-minded engaged employees.
  • How to remove fear, anxiety, and suppression from departmental culture.
  • Who the unofficial leaders are within your department and maximize their involvement.
  • How to create ongoing opportunities for department involvement that sustains engagement over time.

This course is approved to receive 1.0 CE from CBSPD and HSPA.

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