Conversations with Sterile Processing Technicians in Business


Interview 1: Jamie Shelosky and Selendra Brown
Topic: Starting a Content Sharing Platform and NonProfit organization

  • Discuss how to make an impact on your Community.
  • Understand how to step out of the box and do a thing you don’t know how to do.
  • Learn how to get support for education, even when you can’t afford it.

Interview 2: Jamie Shelosky and Dannie O. Smith
Topic: How Attending a Conference Can Launch a New Phase In Your Career

  • Learn how to use the skills you already have to improve your field.
  • Discuss how to become more involved in your local professional organizations.

Interview 3:  Jamie Shelosky and Melanie Perry
Topic: How To Start a Blog to Share Your Experiences and Build a Community

  • Learn how to start a blog to share your experiences and connect with people in your field with similar experiences.
  • Why it matters to have a community of people in your field.

Interview 4: Jamie Shelosky and Johanne Benoit
Topic: Balancing Entrepreneurship and Working as a Tech: Variety at Work

  • Discuss Sterile Processing Entrepreneurship in Dentistry.
  • Talk about the SP Hosted Clubhouse Community and the impact it makes.

Interview 5: Jamie Shelosky and Jhmeid Billingslea
Topic: Transitioning from Being a Technician to Working for a Company

  • Discuss how and why you might want to work for a company rather than a healthcare facility.
  • Discuss the challenges healthcare facilities commonly face, which consultants help to correct.

This course is approved to receive 1.25 CE from CBSPD and HSPA.

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