The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding SPD Techs and Leaders


Staff turnover and new employee orientation are constant challenges to Sterile Processing Departments. Whether a new employee is experienced or new to the field, there is always new material to learn in Sterile Processing. With the growing complexity of medical devices and department processes, a department’s onboarding training program is one of the most important aspects of its success. Bring your manager and department educator along for this CE presentation as we walk you through the ultimate guide for onboarding SPD techs and leaders!




  • Introduce onboarding in Sterile Processing and its critical role in the success of the department.
  • Identify roles leaders and preceptors play in developing and implementing an effective Sterile Processing onboarding program.
  • Outline the essential resources and processes that make an effective Sterile Processing onboarding program.
  • Detail key considerations for onboarding Sterile Processing leaders.

This course is approved to receive 1.0 CE from CBSPD and HSPA.

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