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ON DEMAND: But Is It Really Clean? Challenging the Status Quo For How Our Industry Approaches Process Monitoring

But Is It Really Clean? Decontamination, Processing Monitoring and Verification


If it’s not clean, it can’t be sterile…right? Even though this industry mantra is widely shared and discussed, there is an aspect of the discussion that is ripe for further consideration. While the industry has been rapidly moving toward more and more adoption of monitoring every sterilization load with a biological indicator (BI), the same cannot be said of process monitoring for our mechanical washers and disinfectors. While daily monitoring of mechanical washers with process challenge devices (PCDs) is common practice in Sterile Processing departments, what happens when a failure is detected? What should happen? And why are we not testing every washer load the way we test our steam sterilization loads? This presentation hopes to provide a catalyst for this important industry conversation.



  • Discuss the purpose and requirements of processing monitoring for mechanical washers and disinfectors.
  • Compare the process monitoring practices of biological indicators (BIs) and cleaning PCDs.
  • Outline how the current industry conversations intersect around questions of cleaning, monitoring, and failure responses.
  • Describe steps users can take to build robust quality monitoring processes into their decontamination workflow, training, and competencies.

This course is approved to receive 1.0 CE from CBSPD and HSPA.

ON DEMAND: 2022 – Small Business, Big Impact: Panel Discussion

ON DEMAND: Small Business, Big Impact: Panel Discussion

Small Business, Big Impact: Sterile Processing Entrepreneurship


The hustle and bustle of the Sterile Processing department is the sound of patient safety. What happens when we bring the noise to the outside of the department walls? Join us as we shine a light on entrepreneurship in the Sterile Processing space. This dynamic speaker’s panel hosted by Sarah B. Cruz of PRETREAT will discuss how they are carrying the patient safety message in their businesses and what inspired them to do so. These frontline and tenure SP professionals opted to take their 9 to 5 shifts and add more hours to their passions. All major companies have started from somewhere. Come take a look at this wave of Sterile Processing business owners as the make take their small businesses to make a big impact on our industry.


Angie Baez #Say-it-loud
Chanté Brown Instrumental Sterile Processing Institute
Karen Cherry The Cherry Foundation
Deannard Esnard The Process

  • Discuss the impact entrepreneurship has on engagement in Sterile Processing.
  • Evaluate the different leadership styles in small business ownership.
  • Examine the impact Sterile Processing entrepreneurship has on career paths.
  • Demonstrate the importance of professional development in Sterile Processing.
  • Learn some of the different types of small businesses (brick & mortar, digital marketing, non-profit).

This course is approved to receive 1.0 CE from CBSPD and HSPA.

ON DEMAND: Breaking the Cycle: Conquering the Hurdles to Become an Exceptional Sterile Processing Leader

Breaking the Cycle: Conquering the Hurdles to Become an Exceptional Sterile Processing Leader

Discover three common pitfalls sterile processing technicians face and learn effective strategies to overcome them in this engaging presentation by M. Angie Holland, CSPDT, CSPM, a seasoned professional with two decades of experience. Whether you aspire to be a leader, are currently struggling in a leadership role, or simply wish to enhance your technical skills, this talk is tailored for you.

• Comprehend and explain to others the significance of quality over quantity.
• Establish a program to maintain a strong connection with the workplace and technical expertise.
• Formulate measurable goals, such as metrics or key performance indicators, to foster continuous improvement within your department.

This course is approved to receive 1.0 CE from CBSPD and HSPA.

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