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Propper Manufacturing Co. has been dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes since the 1930s, we continue to provide high quality products and top notch customer service to ensure we meet this mission.

“We are excited about the launch of Propper Academy and the positive impact it will have on our customers.  We are constantly seeking ways to improve our customers’ experience with our products and, we believe, Propper Academy will be instrumental in this important and on-going initiative.”

Joseph Looney, President & CEO Propper Manufacturing Co.

Propper Manufacturing Co. has been a leader in healthcare manufacturing for nearly a century. As a mainstay in this industry, we have expanded our expertise from sterility assurance to include medical and veterinary diagnostics while we also provide support to all allied health fields.  Propper is committed to providing high-quality, domestically made, eco-conscious products with exceptional pricing.  Propper’s primary mission is to eliminate hospital-acquired infections and improve healthcare with innovative products.

We have evolved over the past 75 years to maintain our stature in the community while holding strong to our core values.  We continue to manufacture products in the United States, meeting the highest domestic and international standards.  This enables us to uphold a promise we made to our customers from the start: the promise of cost savings.  With each innovation, we weigh the benefits to the field as well as the time and dollar cost to the customer.  We have successfully provided new and innovative products while holding true to our promise.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and in doing so, are confident we can provide each customer with the best experience possible.

Propper Core Values

  • Provide high quality, safe and eco-conscious products to our customers
  • Contribute to the elimination of hospital-acquired infections through innovation, industry awareness and education
  • Continue proven record of cost savings, in an effort to decrease the healthcare economic crisis in America
  • Value and encourage employees to achieve goals and help Propper grow
  • Recognize and acknowledge the value each customer brings to their chosen career, providing education and technical support when needed.
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