To mail or not to mail?


That is the question when it comes to biological indicator (BI) testing in many clinical settings around the country — physician offices, dental clinics, and veterinary services. What is the best option for sterilization monitoring for your facility? What are the pros and cons of mail-in BI testing versus on-site incubation and monitoring? This presentation will address these questions and provide insight for clinic managers and technicians to make informed decisions regarding this critical aspect of quality management.





  • Discuss the purpose & function of biological indicator monitoring for steam sterilization.
  • Compare the processes of mail-in biological indicator monitoring and on-site incubation and monitoring.
  • Describe the key quality management considerations in favor of on-site incubation.
  • Provide insights to hardwire training, competence, and compliance regarding your biological monitoring process.

This course is approved to receive 1.0 CE from CBSPD and HSPA.

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