Propper Academy Connects: Elevating Sterile Processing Education

Elevate Your Sterile Processing Knowledge Through Connection!


Tap into the potential of collaborative learning with Propper Academy Connects (PAC)—an innovative educational platform designed as a fusion of an open Q/A session, journal club, and lunch-and-learn, this platform aims to foster connectivity, share knowledge, and empower Sterile Processing Technicians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to safeguarding patients from healthcare-acquired infections.


Connect: Join an engaging platform that bridges the gap between education and community. Connect with your peers and industry leaders to foster meaningful relationships.

Learn: Participate in interactive Q/A sessions, delve into journal club discussions, and benefit from lunch-and-learn insights. Seize the opportunity to engage with experts, ask pertinent questions, and share your knowledge within a collaborative environment.

Knowledge Share: Share your experiences, ask burning questions, and contribute to a vibrant community of professionals passionate about sterile processing. Propper Academy Connects is your stage to showcase expertise and learn from the best in the industry.

Discover New Products: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring current and upcoming products in the sterile processing realm. Pose questions, gain firsthand insights, and ensure you’re well-equipped with the knowledge needed for success.

Why Propper Academy Connects?

Participating in a PAC call goes beyond a routine engagement—it’s an opportunity to broaden and fortify your professional network within the sterile processing community. Stay informed of the most recent research, industry trends, and best practices, while actively engaging in dynamic discussions alongside esteemed industry leaders and your peers.

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