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Accucharge Fidelatone PowerAll Steri-Stik
Alert-O.A.D. F/O (Fiber Optic) Precisometer Steri-Wrap
Arrowhead Gas Chex Propper Plus Strate-Line
Autofoc Glaucotest Propper Star Superlume
Autosfig Hi-Dri Push-Button Temptube
Bev-L-Edge Hi-Speed Quick Challenge Ternopil
Bio-Challenge Test Pak Irrigo Quikuff Test-Pak
Bi-Ok Lifo Seracult Timecard
Cal-Mark LoT; Chex-All Seracult Plus Trophy
Cardiouet Lumicyte Seraket Twindicator
Champion Magnalume Sera-Sharp Twin-Frost
Chex-All O.K. Sera-Slide Ultra
Duo-Check Once-A-Day Sera-Sphyg Vaporline
Duo-Flash Once-A-Day Test Pak Serature Velket
Duo-Record Oscillotonometer Smalstrip
Duo-Spore Pak-Rak Spiraflex
EO Easy Read Pass/Fail Steri-Dot

Latest Courses

On Demand: Four Steps to Take Today To Achieve Professional Success

Sterile Processing CE IAHCSMM CBSPD

Discuss the quality standards for dental instrumentation.
Identify the quality components that impact the patient’s experience.
Explore the human and mechanical factors that can impact instrument quality.
Determine tools needed to ensure clean and sterile instrumentation.

This course is approved to received 1.0 CE from IAHCSMM and CBSPD.

On Demand: Making the Name Game Work For You: How to Navigate the World of Private Label

Making the Name Game Work For You
How to Navigate the World of Private Labels to Get What Your Sterile Processing Department Needs

a. Identify what private labeling is and how it is done in healthcare.
b. Discuss the common myths and misunderstandings of private labeling.
c. Outline private labels used in SPD and why it is important for healthcare professionals to advocate within their health systems


On Demand: Opinion vs. Fact – A Cross Company Educator Panel Discussion

Ask the Educator

A Cross Company Educator Panel Discussion with Healthmark Industries, Propper Manufacturing Company and Key Surgical!

There is a lot to say about Sterile Processing and Operating Room industries, best practices, nuance(s), and how we perform our roles in “real life.” After reading through social media questions and answers, it became apparent that in the absence of an educator, answers given are often a hear-say, assumption, and sometimes blatantly wrong. As educators in the medical device world, we spend 100% of our days researching, confirming, and educating on the products you use every day. We want to make ourselves visible and available to YOU.

Ask the Educators! Objectives:
a. Discuss why is it important to evaluate fact vs. opinion and Experience vs. Education
b. Answer questions about best practices, nuance, and how both can be “right”
c. Detail industry guidelines that answer live questions from participants
d. Provide approachable answers and resources for sterile processing and operating room professionals


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